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    220V Multi Electric Waffle Baker Machine Non-stick Sandwich Breakfast Making Machine With Cooking Pot And Frying Pan

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    Brand Name: Bear

    Origin: Nearest Warehouse(Origin)

    Power (W): 800W

    Interchangeable Plates: Grilling / Panini Press Plates

    Certification: CE

    Feature: Non-Stick Cooking Surface

    Classification: Waffle Makers

    Voltage: 220V

    Control method: gear switch and timer

    Material of frying pan: non-stick coating

    Product size: 378 * 261 * 131mm

    Product net weight: 3kg

    Material of inner wall of cooking pot: 304 stainless steel

    Whether to trip: automatic trip at high temperature

    Cooking pot diameter: 16cm

    Product function: roasted / cooked / fried / steamed / burned

    Frying pan diameter: 16cm

    Baking pan power: 800W (upper pan 400W, lower pan 400W)

    Cooking power: 350W, 700W


    1. Unplug the power plug before cleaning the product, and wait until the product has completely cooled down.

    2. The inner and outer surfaces of the product, baking trays and cooking pots can be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth or sponge moistened with a neutral detergent and wiped with water.

    3. Do not use hard brushes and items to scrub and scrape to avoid damaging the inner surface of the product and the protective layer of the baking pan, cooking pan and frying pan

    4. Do not use toxic and corrosive cleaners such as gasoline and polishing agents for cleaning

    5. Before using the product, you must dry the cleaned parts before plugging it in.

    6. Never immerse the main body of the product in water and other liquids


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