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    Siphon Coffee Maker Gift Set Glass Manual Siphon Coffee Machine Milk Frother Coffee Grinder Hourglass Vacuum Coffee Maker Gift

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    Brand Name: Donlim

    Certification: 0

    Capacity (Cup): <5 cups

    Power (W): 0

    Function: ESPRESSO

    Type: Vacuum Coffee Maker

    Voltage (V): 0

    Housing Material: Glass

    Model Number: Coffee Makers

    Related Categories: Siphon coffee maker

    Features1: coffee maker machine

    Features2: siphon coffee machine

    Features3: vacuum coffee maker

    Features4: Manual Coffee Machine

    Features5: Coffee Machine Gift

    Siphon Coffee Maker Gift Set Glass Manual Siphon Coffee Machine Milk Frother Coffee Grinder Hourglass Vacuum Coffee Maker Gift
    Product name: Siphon coffee machine
    Siphon coffee maker: 360ml (3 people / serving)
    Manual milk frother: 400ml
    Manual bean grinder: 30g
    Hourglass timer: 60 seconds(Error 3-5 seconds)
    Coffee beans: 300g

    Note: The alcohol lamp does not contain alcohol, and the customs prohibits the transportation of chemical liquids (alcohol with a concentration of 95% or a small concentration of 75% can be used)
    1, siphon coffee pot 360ml 3 people/serving
    2, Taiwan original manual grinder
    3, boutique cans of coffee, four seasons workshop, blue mountain flavor, 300 grams, a can
    4, manual foamer stainless steel single layer foamer 400ml one
    5, hourglass timer wooden hourglass (about 60 seconds) one
    6, gift box + handbag (environmental cloth bag instead of paper tote bag)
    1.Always wash and wash with water before use, Use clear warm water/purified water..
    2.If it is coffee powder, use fresh ones (be careful to keep it in a closed container).
    3.The constant for 1 person is 11g coffee powder + 120ml water = 100ml coffee.
    4.Preheat the coffee cup.
    5.The new filter cloth should be used with hot water before it can be used.After the filter cloth is reused, carefully clean it, then store the cloth in a container with water and store it in the refrigerator. Pay attention to changing the water frequently.
    6.Please use liquid alcohol.Please confirm the length of the wick and the amount of alcohol before ignition.The wick is 3mm long (the fire is counted). If the wick is too loose, the fire will be too large. Please set the wick.The amount of alcohol is generally below four-fifths. Please adjust the flame to less than 4cm. Add alcohol and be sure to turn off the heat.
    7. Prevent the occurrence of bumps, If the boiling water is too boiling, you can remove the fire first, wait for the water to cool down and then heat it. Or, before the water boils, let the upper pot container be inserted obliquely for heating, so that bubbles can be generated from the lock portion of the filter to prevent the boiling.
    8.Please use a dedicated heating appliance. Air burning is prohibited.
    9.When there is a sudden boiling, don't bring your face close.
    10.When washing the upper and lower pots, take care to use a soft sponge and a neutral detergent.
    11.Remove the lid of the upper pot container when heating.
    12.Place the alcohol lamp in a fixed position on the lamp holder.
    13.Do not use metal objects to strike or wipe the inside of the glass bottle.
    14.When igniting, pay attention to the water droplets on the outside of the pot container.

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